JB Engineering Services LTD carried out the complete removal of two existing I.S machines electrical control and cable management.

On our return trip we installed the complete electrical systems for two, 12 section, Heye - International I.S speedline machines. We also carried out the installation of all related equipment such as servo rotor, servo feeder, servo shear, servo gob distributor, machine conveyor, transfer wheel, cross conveyor and lehr loader.

Bespoke design of all cable management both inside the main control room and on the machine floor level offers optimum performance and ultimate protection for years to come.

I.S machine installation
I.S machine installation
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It was the first time we had worked on a large scale with JBE and I must say that they matched our expectations.

A highly skilled team, flexible, co-operative and will find a solution if it is getting complicated.

I would recommend JBE to anyone in the business

Rene Bruurmijn - Manager CE-Support & E-Support

Ardagh Group - Dongen


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