Bottero is an Italian group that has been specialising in the production of glass processing machines since 1957. Over the years they have developed their offer in three product categories which include flat glass, hollow glass and special systems.

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Bottero have been operating on the glass market, right by their partners' side, for over 60 years. This allows them to offer their best experience in this sector and become a safe, outstanding benchmark.


They don't just guarantee an innovative product, but also a quality one. The quality and reliability of machinery are tested during several stages of the preparation with a total quality management system.


They constantly challenge theirselves, redefining sector standards day in, day out. To do this, they place great attention on their R&D operations and recruiting/training the best engineers and technicians.

Customer care

Customers are Bottero's top priority and their team can fulfil any request, in any area worldwide. They have an extensive sales and support network that follows the customer from the first contact up to the end of the product lifecycle.

They are now global leaders in these sectors and operate on an international scale with plants and branches in Italy, Germany, France, United Kingdom, United States, China and Brazil.

Global presence

Europe, Africa, North America, Latin America, Middle East, Far East, Northern Asia and Oceania. 90% of Bottero industrial production heads to international markets and their exports account for 95% of total turnover. They achieved this position because of their ability to seize the business opportunities offered in various markets around the world, along with manufacturing, technical and design development opportunities.

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