Vidromecanica’s mission is to develop, manufacture and sell equipment for the glass industry, with technology and high quality to contribute to the productivity growth of it’s clients.



They are committed to investigation and development of technical and innovative solutions to simplify the use of equipment to reduce the energy consumption and to increase it’s lifetime. 



Vidromecanica is a quick-moving, persistent company with main values which consist of, respect between human beings, openness and cooperation to achieve common goals.



Vidromecanica provides its clients a complete and integrated service, with a team of professionals, technically prepared and with knowlegde of the glass market, with importance in the following departments able to answer every inquiry of our clients. 


Vidromecanica specialise in the thermal treatment of glass and can study requests for any kind of furnace such as annealing lehrs, tempering lehrs, soak test furnaces, static furnaces, mould-preheating furnaces and thermal shock furnaces.

The development, design, manufacture of machinery, development of the control system, control panel construction and software provision are handled by their specialists. In close cooperation with their customers, they are engaged in the development of individually tailor-made high-performance machines.

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With equipment supplied to over 60 countries, Vidromecanica have a project room composed by much valuable experts.

Working with CAD systems and a certification process according to the ISO 9001:2015 are reasons for a continuous evolution.

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