Ardagh Group - Germersheim - Germany


JB Engineering Services LTD carried out the complete removal of two existing I.S machines electrical control and cable management.

On our return trip we installed the complete electrical systems for two, 12 section, Heye - International I.S speedline machines. We also carried out the installation of all related equipment such as servo rotor, servo feeder, sero shear, servo gob distibutor, machine conveyor, transfer wheel, cross conveyor and lehr loader.

Bespoke design of all cable management both inside the main control room and on the machine floor level offers optimum performance and ultimate protection for years to come.


Containers prepared in UK to ensure site tidiness and security of customers materials are kept under control.


Containers loaded with workshop and materials in UK, ready to be shipped to Germany.


Containers unloaded with workshop and materials to ensure our engineers work safely from a central hub.



Ardagh Group – Germersheim


I worked with JB Engineering for the first time, and I have to say, I am very excited about the speed and quality of their work.


Jamie, Louis and their team have a great deal of know-how about machines of different types. They were always friendly and accommodating and did not shy away from answering questions and providing help and advice.


Even support after the end of the project was never a problem, with rapid responses.


I highly recommend JBE!

Andre Ehringer – Electrical Leader – Ardagh Group