We specialise in a wide range of electrical & mechanical engineering services specific to the glass manufacturing process from delivery, mixing, melting, forming, annealing, inspection, packing and distribution.

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- Extensive knowledge and experience within glass -

- 24H operational working hours -

- Operate globally  -

- Honest, reliable and quality workmanship -


 JB Engineering Services LTD has a growing customer base across industrial and commercial sectors. Our project case studies testify to our expertise and demonstrate how our work benefits these organisation's.

Beatson Clark - Rotherham


"Jamie, Louis and Pete offer extensive glass industry experience with a range of engineering skills and provide a valued service with 24-hour support, supplying a range of assistance from fault finding to turn-key installation"

Graham Lax - Projects Manager


Operating globally, JB Engineering Services LTD have built a vast amount of knowledge and expertise within a wide range of engineering activities specific to the glass manufacturing process.

Our team of qualified engineers have worked and trained within the glass industry therefore experienced with the processes and systems.


JB Engineering Services LTD offer a plant installation and refurbishment service in all areas of the glass industry. Service's include, but are not limited to:

  •  Batch plant control installations and upgrades.

  • Furnace control installations and upgrades.

  • Complete electrical & mechanical installation of I.S machines and other hot end machinery.

  • Complete electrical & mechanical installation of cold end equipment including cold end conveyors, inspection, packaging and palletizers.

  • Complete electrical & mechanical installation of lehr's and coating hood systems for both hot end and cold end.

  • Complete electrical & mechanical installation of all plant including compressors, vacuum pumps, furnace & mould cooling fans, furnace boost & water cooling.

  • Bespoke control panel building for all plant control systems.


JB Engineering Services LTD offer a reliable site wide electrical & mechanical maintenance service to ensure critical maintenance is carried out on time.

  • Site surveys and maintenance schedules relevant to your process.

  • Maintenance schedules can be implemented, reviewed and modified giving site maintenance teams realistic achievable solutions.

  • Ability to work both on or offsite in our own workshop facility  offering flexible working solutions.

  • Carry out bespoke maintenance works to I.S machinery using authentic replacement spare parts readily available through our direct partnerships.


JB Engineering Services LTD assists clients with a number of services to ensure they meet governing legislations and regulations set by health and safety and other governing bodies. Such services include:

  • Periodic inspection and testing of fixed electrical equipment.

  • Testing engineers understand the constraints and limitations that can be carried out to production.

  • Offer compressed air leak surveys to rapidly identify air leaks in need of repair.

  • Electrical and mechanical testing for all I.S machinery and ancillary systems from tube drive, feeder, shear mechanisms, gob distributer through to all I.S mechanisms including servo inverts, take outs and pushers.


JB Engineering Services LTD offer a 24hr emergency breakdown assistance service to technically support your business and reduce production downtime with minimum disruption to your business.

  • 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • Electrical and mechanical assistance at any part of the glass manufacturing process.

  • Contract or emergency call out giving customers ultimate flexibility and support during the most important and challenging times.

  • In depth knowledge and direct contact to other expertise within the field.



JB Engineering Services LTD undertake a variety of works in Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Middle East and Asia Pacific. Our engineers speak 3 different languages enabling us to operate diversely on a global level.

- North America -


Vidro Formas - Mexico

Vichisa - Chiuahua - Mexico

Servisa - Orizaba - Mexico

Priamal Glass - Missouri - US

Ardagh Group - Dolton - US

- South America -

O-I - San Paulo - Brazil

- Middle East -

Basturkcam - Malatya - Turkey

- UK -

Beatson Clark - Rotherham - UK

Cerealto - Sheffield - UK

Allied Glass - Leeds - UK

Allied Glass - Knottingley - UK

VP Packaging - Rotherham - UK

O-I - Harlow - UK

Kelvin Steels - Rotherham - UK

Stolzle - Knottingley - UK

Ardagh Group - Doncaster - UK

O-I - Alloa - UK

Guardian Industries - Goole - UK

Saint Gobain - Isover - UK

Superglass - Scotland - UK

- Europe -

Ardagh Group - Germersheim - Germany

Ardagh Group - Bad Munder - Germany

Verallia - Wirges - Germany

Weigand Glas - Schleusingen

Ardagh Group - Neuenhagen - Germany

Verallia - Essen - Germany

Virallia - Neuburg - Germany

Ardagh Group - Dongen - Netherlands

Ardagh Group - Limmerad - Sweden

Stolzle - Hermanova - Czech Republic

Stolzle - Masnieres - France

Saver Glass - Bergantino - Italy

Stolzle - Czestochowa - Poland

Ardagh Group - Wyszkow - Poland

Vetropak - Nemsova - Slovakia

BA Glass - Lisbon - Portugal

Virallia - Zaragoza - Spain

BA Glass - Leon - Spain

Verallia - Madrid - Spain

Stolzle - Koflach - Austria

Vetropack - Saint Prex - Switzerland

- Africa -

Kioo Glass - Dar Es Salaam - Tanzania

- Asia Pasific -

Jingyao Glass - Shandong - China

Jiangxi Dingfeng Glass - Yichun - China

TGI Glass - Bangkok - Thailand

Tiawan Glass - Hsinchu - Tiawan

Orora - Adelaide - Austrailia