Heye-International - Limmared - Sweden


JB Engineering Services LTD exchanged cables relating to the invert & take out mechanisms, inside a 10 section Heye-International I.S Machine

We installed new cables from the machine uprights, made new terminations and installed new parts before rebuilding the blow/blank side.



JB Engineering Services LTD scope as follows:

  • Removal of all blank side/blow side covers and guards.

  • Removal of all invert & take out mechanism motor covers.

  • Removal of all power and resolver cables inside the section boxes.

  • Removal & installation of new power and resolver cables from section boxes to machine upright.

  • Cleaning of all invert mechanisms, take out mechanisms and I.S machine top plate.

  • Exchange of all harting connectors inside machine uprights.

  • Termination of power and resolver cables inside motor casings.

  • Installation of protective pyro-jacket sleeving on cables inside machine.

  • Installation of all invert & take out mechanism motor covers.

  • Installation of new covers and guards.

  • Assistance with start-up & commissioning.



Heye International – Obenkirchen


"Jamie and his team have given us always excellent support, since we started our cooperation 3 years ago.

Their quality of work and their responsiveness is fantastic. The team is working hard and with the clear aim, to get work done perfectly and in time.

We have done several installations with JB Engineering as contractor for electrical installations and all jobs were completed in a perfect way.

We are glad, to have such a reliable partner. The team is skilled and learns quickly about new features"


Martin Bradt – Project Management