Beatson Clark - Rotherham - UK


JB Engineering Services LTD carried out the complete maintenance on the blank side EMOC mechanism's for an 8 section Bottero I.S machine.

We completely removed the mechanism's and overhauled them at our workshop section by section on a job change. Using the customers spare mechanism's allowed us to save on machine downtime.

During this process we also designed and built our own test simulator meaning that we could test the mechanism's before returning to site and fitting them onto the I.S machine.



JB Engineering Services LTD scope as follows:

  • Removal of mechanism's from I.S machine.

  • Dismantling & re-assembling of all mechanism's to produce a detailed report.

  • Cleaning of mechanism's and all related parts.

  • Replacement of any worn or damaged parts.

  • Overall checks for licoln oil and gearbox oil.

  • Alignment and calibration of clamping force.

  • Aligning of all shafts and pins using specialist equipment.

  • Design and manufacture of test simulator to allow good maintenance.

  • Testing of mechanism's on test simulator.

  • Installation of mechanism's to I.S machine.

  • Monitoring of mechanisms and production standards after maintenance.



Beatson Clark - Rotherham


"When JBEMC are working at our factory they always conduct themselves in a professional manor and also have an
incredible skill set across the whole of their team.

During unforeseen problems, Jamie, Louis and their team never hesitate to overcome them with no questions asked.

I enjoy working with JBEMC because any project or task is completed with a vast amount of attention to detail"

Jason Miller - Head Of I.S Mechanical Engineering