Stolzle - Knottingley - UK


JB Engineering Services LTD removed cold end inspection equipment, conveyors, belts and rejection systems allowing the customer to start a complete new design.

We then installed a new IRIS inspection machine, re-located three existing Simplex inspection machines and re-located one IRIS inspection machine. Electrically & mechanically we continued to install
a complete new conveyor system which was supplied by EMS.


JB Engineering Services LTD scope as follows:

  • Removal of existing cold end inspection machines.

  • Removal of all existing power supplies and field wiring.

  • Removal of existing conveyor's including belts and foot stands.

  • Re-location of existing cold end inspection machines.

  • Installation of new inspection machine.

  • Installation of new conveyor's including belts, foot stands and side rails.

  • Installation of new cable containment & cables from existing control panel to new conveyor equipment.

  • Installation of new inverter modules inside existing control panel and modification to panel wiring.

  • Termination of all field cables at control panel and in field.

  • Installation of new & existing reject devices, sensors/reflectors and spacer units.

  • Assisting with start-up & commissioning.