Ardagh Group - Dongen - Netherlands


JB Engineering Services LTD was heavily involved in this project of one new Heye - International, 10 section I.S machine, one upgrade Heye - International, 12 section I.S machine and one replacement of an overhauled Emhart , 12 section I.S machine.

We undertook the complete electrical installation for all three lines, extra care and attention was paramount on this project. The overhauled Emhart machine had four different manufacturers for the electronic system.


JB Engineering Services LTD scope as follows:

  • Removal of all old control panels and installation of new, complete with wire basket under false floor.

  • Removal of all old cable containment and installation of new.

  • Removal of all old cables related to feeder, I.S machine & transport areas and then install new free issue cables.

  • Installation of new control room supplies and termination into each cabinet.

  • Installation of earthing arrangement inside control rooms.

  • Manufacture and installation of plates for all control boxes.

  • Installation of all remote control boxes, isolators and stop / start units.

  • Manufacture and installation of ducting attachments.

  • Termination of all cables for both machines, including control room and field.

  • Support machine manufacturer with start-up and commissioning.

  • Project & logistic management.



Ardagh Group - Dongen


"It was the first time we had worked on a large scale with JBE and I must say that they matched our expectations.

A highly skilled team, flexible, co-operative and will find a solution if it is getting complicated.

I would recommend JBE to anyone in the business"

Rene Bruurmijn - Manager CE-Support & E-Support