Beatson Clark - Rotherham - UK


JB Engineering Services LTD carried out the complete electrical removal and a partial mechanical removal of one, 6 section Bottero I.S machine to enable an upgrade to commence.

We then installed a complete new electrical system to upgrade the machines electronics to the latest version and carried out the mechanical installation / modification / overhaul of all related equipment & pipework from the tube mechanism to the stacker.



JB Engineering Services LTD scope as follows:

  • Removal & installation of all new cables, cable containment, control panels and remote stations associated with the feeder, I.S machine and transport.

  • Removal & installation of all new mechanisms associated with the feeder, I.S machine and transport.

  • Removal, overhaul and re-installation of all old mechanisms associated with the I.S machine.

  • Installation of new cooling ducting associated with the feeder.

  • Removal & installation of new pipework / manifolds associated with blank and blow side air manifolds.

  • Modification to existing pipework inside section boxes.

  • Aligning of new spline shafts and take out arms using specialist equipment.

  • Removal & installation of new motors / gearboxes associated with the transport.

  • Manufacture & installation of new safety guards around transport areas.

  • Modifications to chutes and pipework,

  • Pressure washing of machine after removal.



Beatson Clark - Rotherham


"When JBEMC are working at our factory they always conduct themselves in a professional manor and also have an
incredible skill set across the whole of their team.

During unforeseen problems, Jamie, Louis and their team never hesitate to overcome them with no questions asked.

I enjoy working with JBEMC because any project or task is completed with a vast amount of attention to detail"

Jason Miller - Head Of I.S Mechanical Engineering